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Mavelogy Consulting in a nutshell

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the ones that are responsive to change”
Charles Darwin

In today's rapidly evolving business ecosystem, agility is essential. At Mavelogy Consulting, flexibility and responsiveness are crucial to stand out.

Personalized Services to Catalyze Your Growth

Mavelogy Consulting offers tailored consulting and coaching expertise, designed to propel your business to new horizons. Each marketing strategy is carefully tailored to perfectly align with your specific goals, leveraging the latest technologies and trends.

Strategic Digital Integration

Digital marketing is no longer an option, but the heart of modern marketing. Understanding and integrating this reality into your business model is crucial. Just like guiding you through this process, identifying the best strategies for successful onboarding.

The Evolution of Mavelogy Consulting towards Strategy and Agile

Founded in 2014 by Maïté Verhoeven, Mavelogy Consulting has evolved from expertise in operational marketing to a more strategic approach, integrating the principles and innovative methodologies of agile marketing. 

A Strategic Partnership for Your Team

Mavelogy Consulting's mission goes beyond simple advice. JIt's about integrating agility into the heart of your executive committee and your marketing team, by offering strategic support and also by facilitating practical implementation through training and personalized monitoring.

The Time for Action has come!


Marketing advice

Brand Strategy

Agile strategy and marketing transformation

Advice on the latest Marketing 5.0 trends

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Brand strategy

Launch, revitalization and optimization of the consumer journey

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Marketing team organization

(Re)construction of the organization chart, recruitment and training

Mavelogy Consulting's engagements


Up-to-date knowledge and lifelong learning are the foundations of Mavelogy Consulting. Because you don't have the time to do it, and because the advice you seek has to be as innovative and precise as possible.


Not every company needs the same expertise, not every audience has the same level of awareness. That's why our coaching and training modules are adaptable.


Being a small structure allows us to keep our professional relationships human. You know who you are talking to and who is involved in your project. 


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Some of our successful collaborations

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