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How to boost your learning in agile mode?

Love to learn

1. The VUCA world

Welcome to the world of VUCA. You have probably already come across this acronym in one or another content. Simply put, it describes our world in terms of 4 adjectives: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

This concept illustrates the increasingly frequent, dynamic and sometimes unpredictable changes that our world is experiencing. We don’t need to look far for examples. Just think about the COVID, the war in Ukraine, the economic and energy crises that follow or the new technologies that multiply (I promise I won’t talk about ChatGPT, you must be drunk since a few months).

So, how do we work in all this? Is it still realistic to plan marketing campaigns on the long term without knowing what new change will happen to us! Very little for me! Personally, I’ve opted for efficiency. And not for effectiveness.

2. Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

And if you’re wondering what the difference is between the two, it’s simple. Effectiveness is getting to your destination and efficiency is finding the best way to get there.

It is by being efficient, not effective, that we can be profitable because we will optimize our resources to produce the desired result. This is also agility!

Stressfull woman

Back when I was doing what I’ll call traditional marketing, I regularly had problems. I remember campaigns where delays piled up, more and more unnecessary meetings, projects assigned to me without asking me, my to-do list growing out of control, frequent interruptions that ruined my concentration, and so many other things. Sometimes my work day was like a heavy metal concert!

As a result, I was frustrated at not being able to reach my goals and, above all, I was no longer in phase with my values of creativity, curiosity, enthusiasm and fun.

I had to urgently find a solution to my condition.

While searching through marketing, personal development and organization books, I discovered Agile Marketing. And since that day, a transformation has taken place.

3. How I optimized my organization

First of all, I plan my time with agility. Gone are the long, unrealistic to-do lists. They only served to end my day disappointed at not having been able to cross off all the little lines.

Today, I use the free Notion application to manage my days, weeks, months and year. Nothing is set in stone, everything evolves. The only certainties are my annual goals and my life mission.

For the rest, I plan as I go along. First by breaking down my annual goals into monthly milestones. No details here either. Based on the monthly milestones, I define my weekly tasks. I usually do this on Friday afternoon for the following week.

And each day, I work with my diary, in which I write down very specific things, and therefore in greater detail.

By repeating this pattern, I now know exactly how long it takes me to write an audit report, work on an article, carry out a competitive intelligence survey, write a newsletter, etc. And I'm never late again.

4. My content management in agile mode

As part of my job is to create content and training courses, I have a calendar for my articles and courses and a calendar for my social media. As an aside, although I started with 5 social media, efficiency encouraged me to keep just two.

To come back to my 2 calendars, they are updated every week on the basis of the results of previous content. So I don't have a detailed calendar for 1, 3 or 6 months.

As my prospects and customers are at the heart of my work, I need their feedback to define the best way to involve them.

If I see that a type of content is not generating the expected interest, I stop it. I then adapt my content & social media strategy no later than the following week.

5. Learning in agile mode

As far as learning is concerned, it’s the same. Before, I used to learn a lot of things without being able to memorize them, and without being able to remember them when I really needed them.

From now on, I don’t learn anything that is not immediately useful to me. No more “just interesting” books or hyper theoretical trainings.

Did you know that even when you are hyper attentive, you only retain 10% of what you read ♦ 20% of what you hear ♦ 30% of what you see? If you see and hear at the same time, it can go up to 50%. That’s why video training is a hit.

But to learn even better, you have to “do”. That is to say, to process the new information, to use it in a concrete case, to put it in your own way. This is now my way of learning.

6. Take action

Note taking

So if you want to learn something new, which is common when you work in marketing, take hold of the information. For example, you could create a mindmap of this article if some elements seem relevant to you or set up an agile system to manage your schedule in the coming days.

Do nothing, and you will soon forget the content of this post.

And for agile readers who want to take action, beware! You may become more efficient, faster, more organized and above all much more fulfilled in your daily life. I warned you ☺!

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